Your first dream

This morning was the first time you told me what you had dreamt about during the night.

You: Mom, is it show and tell day?
Me: yes, it’s Wednesday.
You: Oh good! I dreamt that I took a police car to show and tell and now I can!

We found your black race car in your closet (it has lights on it, which you have apparently been mistaking for police lights) and you were so proud to show it to your friends this morning.

Maybe this will be your new house!

We’ve been trying to move to a new house since last fall  – looking for a bigger place for you and your sister, more grass, safer/wider streets.  Our Wethersfield House sold on June 20, so the pressure is on to find a new place before our leaseback ends in mid-August.  Your dad and I found this gorgeous house last weekend and they’ve accepted our contract.  We’ve got to jump through a few more hurdles (inspections and appraisals), but it’s feeling like this could be the house that you grow up in.