Almost 15 Months

In a few short days, you’ll turn 15 months old.  Here’s a snapshot of your life right now.

  • You love to say “uh-oh”.  Sometimes you’ll throw something on the floor just to say it.
  • You have 12 teeth (we think).
  • You started walking on July 4th, at our friend Katy’s lake house.
  • You are a REALLY great eater.  Bananas and strawberries are your favorite fruits and carrots are your favorite veggie.  You’ll eat an entire grilled cheese sandwich along with applesauce and some fruit.
  • Your personality is BIG.  You’re either really happy or really mad.  Luckily we see the happy Avanelle 90% of the time, but that 10% mad makes me scared to see you in your terrible twos.
  • You like to sit on people.  You back your booty right up on to people (including your friends at school or Keady Dog) and sit on them.  It’s pretty funny to us, but your classmates don’t think so.
  • You take swim lessons on Saturday mornings
  • You sleep from 7pm-7am every night.
  • If you had to choose between us or your ‘owlie’ (lovey), I’m pretty sure you’d pick him every time.  He stays in your crib most of the time, but occasionally you’ll walk in there and grab him through the slats and carry him around giving him hugs.  If you don’t have owlie, you don’t sleep.
  • You still get a pacifier at bed time.  We keep trying to break the habit, but you sleep so well with no crying that we can’t seem to let it go right now.
  • You’re the boss (nicer word than bully) of your class at daycare.  I hope you’re nice to your friends even when you’re bossing them around.
  • You love to dance!  This was confirmed at my cousin Monica’s wedding this weekend where you danced until 10pm until you laid your head down on the dance floor to go to sleep.
  • You like to carry around a ball in each hand.  Sometimes you’ll put one in Keady’s mouth and then get mad when she doesn’t give it right back.
  • Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You? is your favorite book and always has been
  • You love to look for birds outside (or in books or on clothes).
  • You’re obsessed with having shoes put on you.
  • You don’t love bath time much.  Some weeks it’s OK, but most of the time there is at least some resistance/crying.
  • When you spill milk from your sippy cup, you like to point to the ground to get Keady to lick it up for you.
  • You wear size 24month/2T clothes (sometimes 3T shorts) and size 5 diapers.  Your shoes are 5.5-wide.
  • You sign eat, more, and all done independently, but please and thank you are still on-demand.
  • You give high fives, fist bumps, blow kisses, hugs, and real kisses.

It’s amazing to see how much of a little kid you’ve become in only 15 months!

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