Trick or Treating

You had so much fun with your first real Trick-or-Treating last night… We managed to meet up with nearly all the little kids on our street and wander to just the right number of houses for some yummy candy and to show off your peacock costume.   We had been practicing for a week on ‘knock knock knock’, ‘trick or treat!’ (which sounded like kick-or-keet), hold out your basket, and then ‘bye bye!’.  You rocked it.  For the neighbors that were waiting on their porch, you still wanted to knock on their doors!  By the end, you were a little tired and asked to sit in your stroller instead of walking, but you made it for a whole hour and acted so nice the whole time!   Good job, my little peacock.



Jackson and Nevin


Getting into the swing of things





Nearing bedtime…


Check out the candy!


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