Your first broken bone

Tuesday afternoon I got a call from daycare that you had fallen off of a toy firetruck and hurt your right arm.  I picked you up and took you into the pediatricians office, where they thought you had a “nursemaid’s elbow” (slight dislocation).  They tried to pop it back into place several times but you still weren’t using your arm at all, so they sent us home to sleep on it.  Things still weren’t better in the morning, so we made an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic for Wednesday afternoon.  When we got there, the PA also thought it was nursemaid’s elbow, so she tried to pop it back in, but same results as the day before.  They eventually sent us for x-rays and within a few seconds of looking at them, the doctor proclaimed you had a broken arm (technically supracondylar/transcondylar fracture) – the humerus (upper arm bone) all the way at the bottom where it meets your elbow.   They let you pick your cast color (pink) and you get to wear it for 3 weeks and then another 3 weeks in a sling (possibly) and restrictions (no playgrounds, wheeled toys, balls).

This makes your 2nd major injury at daycare and I’m feeling a little upset about all of it.  I love your daycare and the teachers really love you, but I’ve been wrestling with the questions of “are you just a rough and tumble kid” or “are they really not watching you close enough”.  I did a lot of soul searching and talking with other moms and internet research and have finally come to the conclusion that it’s just a mixture of your crazy personality and bad luck.  No other kids break a bone after falling just a few inches, so I’m not going to beat myself (or others) up about it any longer.  Just please be careful from now on!  Momma can’t take this!

And some pictures of you getting the cast:

Waiting for the results of the x-ray


Casting (binky needed for soothing!)

Not sure about this…

All done!

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