18-month Appointment

You had your 18 month check up today and everything is looking good. Dr Hargrave was impressed by all your words (you called him ‘dock-or’ and pointed to yourself and said ‘ey-ie’ (Ellie), and then to me with “Ma ma!”). He said that you’re already talking at a 2yr old level – go you! He also said you look like a 2yr old, which is definitely true (more stats later). You had fun running all around the office giving him different books and pieces of paper when he was trying to ask me questions about you. I especially liked when he asked me how you’re eating. I just laughed which made him look at your chart and he said “Oh – I see she’s eating really well… ok!” He did want to make sure that you’re eating a good balance of food and aren’t too picky, which you’re doing well with. I asked about your new habit of strange breathing while you run and he said that it’s probably just a fun noise for you to make and he’s not concerned since you seem to turn it on and off at your own will. I also asked about your hiccups that you get after you laugh really hard and he said that it’s really common too – no cure but nothing to be worried about.

You didn’t like him listening to your chest or looking in your ears/mouth, but it was short lived. You also got 3 more shots (including your flu shot) which made you cry big crocodile tears, but quickly recovered and we went back to school.

Height: 32 5/8” (50-75%)
Weight: 30#5oz (>97%)
Head: 47.5cm (75-90%)

The highlight of my day was taking you to breakfast before your appointment. It was fun to have just a little ‘mom-and-daughter’ time. You ate almost 4 pieces of toast and a little bit of Oatmeal. You were really infatuated with the kid sitting next to us and kept trying to share your toast with him and waving ‘hi’.

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