You’re Two!

Anyone:  “How old are you?”
Avanelle:  “Coooo!” (while holding up 2 fingers and usually sticking out your thumb because you haven’t figured out how to tuck it in yet)
Avanelle:  “Cu-cake!”

This is how nearly all of your conversations are started right now.  You had a TON of fun at your birthday get-together/party, and the highlight (as you can see above) was eating the cupcakes.  You LOVE cupcakes.  So much, that you ate 3 cupcakes at your party.  You think that whenever someone turns two, they get cupcakes.

Here are you 2-year stats:
Height: 34.75″ (75th%)
Weight: 33.4lbs (95th%)
Head: 48.8cm (75-90th%)

You’re still growing like a weed and doesn’t look like you’ll slow down any time soon!  You’re wearing 3T clothes and size 7-8 shoes.  You like pigtails and still haven’t gotten your first haircut yet (but it’s coming next weekend)!  You go to bed around 7:30pm, but you’re starting to be able to stay out later when we have something to do (like Daddy’s softball games).  You wake up around 7:30-8:00am.  When you sleep, we have to turn on the nightlight, the blue humidifier light, and the lady bug star-light (to BLUE!).  Your owlies lay down flat at one end of the crib, with Big Gray Owl in one corner, hippo in the middle, and Hippy-Dippy Owl in the other corner.  You turn on the sleep sheep and lay down (sometime you need ‘one last hug’) and we lay the blanket on you.

You like going to the library with Daddy.  A few months ago, you picked up the “Dinosaur vs…” book and now you LOVE to say “roar, roar, roar!”  Dinosaur vs Spaghetti, Dinosaur vs Bedtime, and now Dinosaur vs the Potty.  It’s pretty hilarious to see and hear you act like a dinosaur.  We bought you some plastic dinosaur toys at the grocery store and you really like them.  You also like “coo coo trains” and we look for them every morning on our way to school/work.

Taking your shoes off, especially in the car, is a lot of fun.  You also like to play with your bucket in the car (just a regular little orange pail) and you know that it stays in the car (“Bucket in car, mommy”).  Your vocabulary is through the roof.  You’re stringing together words and making real sentences now.  “I keam truck” (Ice cream truck), “owlies go na night”, “eat, eat, eat!”  You still don’t like baths, so you take showers with one of us.  Swimming is a lot of fun and I think you’re going to have a great time this summer!

You’ve had a lot of ear infections this year (most likely the same infection that just never truly went away), so we made the decision to go ahead and get tubes in your ears.  While the doc was in there, he saw that your adenoids were very enlarged, so he took them out too.  We sat around in the surgery center for an hour and a half while you ate popsicles and watched a Little People video on the iPad.  You were completely back to normal by that afternoon and the hearing test we did recently showed that your hearing has improved 10x since before the surgery.  I bet it feels good to be able to hear now!

You’re a very sweet, very independent, and very opinionated little girl, and we love you more than you know.

Momma and Daddy

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